About Verónica Herrera

Singer songwriter with a vibrant style. Verónica proposes a soulfoul pop that speaks to your heart. Her lyrics have just the right amount of sweetness and a whole lot of honest, uniting anyone who listens through shared emotions.

She started writing songs at a very young age and has no pretenses with her music other than sharing her feelings in hopes of giving those who hear the undeniable truth: you are not alone.

With a latino upbringing and lots of jumping around, she has been exposed to diverse cultures and a variety of ideas that influence her music and everything in her life.

She will soon release her debut EP titled Simple, that gathers four songs about her definition of love. From the sacrifice of loving someone so much that it hurts, to the understanding that we may be scarred and still deserve love, to longing to be with that one person, to the innocence of a first kiss and believing that love is simple.

These songs reflect the feelings of anyone who has ever believed in love.

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Veronica Herrera