Believe and do

And I found myself, once again, pulling inspiration from a child. She was fierce like those who don't know they can loose and get bruised. She was strong like only those who have good intentions and pure faith can be. She was unstoppable because she believed she could and she did.-VHG

Me at NYC’s Financial District on June 16th, 2017. Photo by Rómulo Herrera (my dad).

Me at NYC’s Financial District on June 16th, 2017. Photo by Rómulo Herrera (my dad).

We are born as a blank canvas. There are no concepts, no ideas, no fear. What’s so fascinating about children is that they are constantly absorbing new knowledge. They are astonished at the simplest of things.

What’s most beautiful about children is how they believe. There are no doubts. Why would there be? It’s not even an option.

As we grow older, we learn that not everyone is nice, not everything is as should be and life isn’t always fair. Yet the worst thing that happens is that we are more prone to disbelief. We doubt our dreams, the people we like, what we have achieved. We are led to accept things that are not healthy as the norm. “That´s just the way life is. People lie. People cheat".

But in reality, what we are doing is settling.

We have convinced ourselves that we ask for too much. That are dreams are too big. That we are too ambitious. It’s not true.

In those dark times of doubt, we must remember that childlike belief. We must take a leap of faith on ourselves and fight with all our might for what we believe. And yes, we are no longer kids, that’s why running againts the current is so much braver.

We must believe. Only those who believe do. They give their best. They stand tall, raise their voice, they are heard because they believe in themselves and their dreams. Every successful story we’ve heard, from Oprah overcoming the years of supression and sexual harrasment, to Liz Pinto, a young photographer starting her business at seventeen by exchanging her work for snacks (go visit her, she’s pretty cool). Each of us has doubts to overcome in order to achieve our goals.

Believing and giving it our all is the least we could do for the dreams we dreamt when there was no reason to doubt.