The purpose of being

I’ve had this thought roaming in my head for a while. It has allowed me to keep fighting even in times were it just didn’t seem like there was a point.

Talking with a friend a few months ago,I remembered it, so I’m here to share. We are here with a purpose.

Some believe we’re born with it, others that we discover it with time. Regardless, each of us has something unique to offer and that is the reason we are here.

By being your truest self you are shaping the world and therefore fulfilling your purpose. I think that to live by somebody else’s rules or to live someone else’s dream is to be selfish and neglect your reason/responsibility with this life. The best thing you have to offer is you. Your best version. Your true you.

It takes courage and discipline and it’s the best feeling to know that flaws and all, you are here and you do your best. You are truly yourself. What a gift it is to know you.